Remote Sensing Assets • Aerial Logistics Network

Company Overview


What we do

General Autonomy performs design, systems integration, and procurement of remote sensing platforms. It manages the operation of remote sensing devices to capture and store spatial and multispectral data. Assets may be airborne or spaceborne.

The company combines the management of assets and data capture with its own unique strengths. While many aerial missions may be flown largely autonomously, the company is able to provide human-in-the-loop feedback into critical phases of a mission.

Missions can be tailored to customer needs through flight plans, sensor selection, and post-capture analysis.

Our background

The General Autonomy team has a broad background in aerospace and emerging technologies. It includes several professional pilots, researchers in physical sciences, and computer science.

Individual specialties of team members include:

  • aerial logistics network
  • unmanned aerial systems
  • embedded computing systems
  • electro-optical and infrared sensors

General Autonomy has offices and facilities in Santa Clara and Auburn, California.